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Mobile apps, websites, cloud solutions, custom firmware, and more. Reach out and get a quote before the end of the day.

Services - Your business needs great software.

The team at Big Fish Tech is committed to delivering precisely that. We collaborate with you on a highly efficient contractual basis, ensuring you receive the optimum solution at the most competitive price.

  • Apps & Websites. Specializing in intuitive, scalable application software, we tailor solutions to your business needs for user satisfaction and high ROI.

    Mobile Applications, High-Performance Websites, Business Analytics Tools, etc.

  • Cloud Solutions. We design reliable, efficient database, API, and cloud solutions to strengthen your digital operations.

    Database solutions, API design, Cloud Platform Implementation, etc.

  • Embedded Systems & IOT. We excel in secure firmware and system software for aerospace, robotics, and autonomous systems, prioritizing safety and performance.

    Custom Firmware, Control Systems, Robotics, Aerospace, etc.

  • Algorithm Design. Using advanced math and machine learning, we create optimized algorithms to solve complex problems, delivering scalable, tailored solutions.

    AI/ML Implementation, Optimization Solutions, Recommendation Systems, etc.

They provided us our solution in a fraction of the time and price other companies had quoted.

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The Hall of Solutions

We’ve risen to some unique challenges. Take a look at our solutions.

Proximity Chat

Case study

Proximity Chat

Never miss a nearby friend again - Get notifications when friends are nearby and talk instantly with walkie-talkie chat.

Finance Genius

Case study

Finance Genius

Creating a secure way to link your financial information to LLMs like ChatGPT to harness the power of AI for your financial decisions.

Snap Returns

Case study

Snap Returns

Package returns made easy. A service for boiling the entire return process down to a single button click.

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