Case Study - Proximity Chat

Never miss a nearby friend again - Get notifications when friends are nearby and talk instantly with walkie-talkie chat.

Proximity Chat
App development


Proximity Chat faced several challenges: ensuring reliable background location tracking, securely handling sensitive user data, creating engaging social features, and designing an intuitive onboarding process that encourages users to invite friends.

The app needed to notify users when friends were nearby without compromising their privacy. We developed a system that periodically checks users' locations in the background and securely handles location data to ensure users' privacy is maintained.

The real-time notifications system alerts users when friends enter their chosen proximity radius. This feature works seamlessly in the background, ensuring users never miss a chance to connect.

The walkie-talkie chat feature allows instant voice communication with nearby friends, providing a spontaneous and engaging way to stay connected. This system ensures low latency and high reliability, making real-time conversations smooth and enjoyable.

Creating an engaging onboarding experience was crucial for user retention and growth. We designed an intuitive process that guides users through setting up the app, enabling necessary permissions, and inviting friends. This onboarding flow is crafted to maximize user engagement and encourage social interaction from the start.

Proximity Chat now offers a secure, user-friendly, and socially engaging platform that enhances real-world connections through instant notifications and communication features. By focusing on privacy, reliability, and user experience, the app successfully bridges the gap between online interactions and real-life meetups.

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